Here are some of the most common questions

I get asked about packaging-free shopping at Cupboard Love.

Hopefully this will make it easier for you to decide to come

and give refill shopping a go!

If you have further questions,

just drop me a message via the contact form

What containers do I need to shop with you?

 Anything – there are no rules really, just so long as they are clean, fit on the scales and have a suitable lid.

Typically people use a range of containers from plastic take-away boxes to glass jars. Some customers choose to bring more lightweight items, such as plastic freezer or bread bags, to make it easier to transport goods home, but others bring the heavier jars with them as they are not on foot.  Any brand bottles can be reused for the cleaning liquids and personal care products, but please ensure that all the previous liquid is cleaned off the containers to avoid cross-contamination.

I have a box of donated containers which are cleaned ready for you to use if you forget to bring your own.  I also have paper bags available but these are not necessarily a more sustainable option than plastic, unless you are able to use them over and over, so I do ask that you try to keep their use to a minimum. I do not currently charge for them but the cost is increasing nearly every time I order more, so again please use them mindfully!

Is it more expensive to shop this way?

Yes and no. My main aim is to make packaging-free shopping accessible to everybody, so for example, I do not stock only organic products to keep prices as low as possible. Most items cost the same or less than the comparable product at a supermarket, with only a few exceptions where it is just not possible to compete with them on price. I choose suppliers for their ethics and the quality of their ingredients and products, so this is reflected in the prices I charge. It is possible, however, for you to buy smaller amounts of things where you don’t necessarily need a whole 500g bag of pasta for example, so it makes budgeting a bit easier.  Zero waste and reusable products might seem to have a relatively high price tag but these products are designed to last, so will likely save you money over time!

How do products arrive to you?

I do not claim to be a Zero Waste shop, however, every item I sell is bought in bulk – mostly between 5kg and 25kg. Where possible I use suppliers who offer these bulk amounts in paper sacks (which are either recycled or provide entertainment for my rabbit before being composted). However, not all items are suitable to be stored and transported in paper (such as nuts and dried fruit), so in these cases, lightweight plastic sacks are used within a cardboard box. This does still mean a massive reduction in plastic packaging used, and I do aim to reuse what I can as rubbish bags, packing materials etc. Recycling of this lightweight plastic, although offered by many supermarkets now, is not a sustainable solution and here in Suffolk, our waste is incinerated at the Energy From Waste facility near Ipswich, so any surplus packaging does go there.

How do I find out more about the products when there is no packaging to show the information I need?

I have all product information such as origin and ingredients (where applicable) that you typically expect to see on packaging, available on request.  Best before dates and allergens are written on the dispensers where applicable.

Is there a list of what you sell?

Yes, over on the Products page of the website. You won’t find any prices listed there because they are always fluctuating!  I do review my prices regularly however, and pass on price reductions whenever I can.  I can happily say that, despite the current economic situation, I have not had to put many of my prices up.

Can you stock...?

Maybe. Due to limited space within Boudicca, I do have to be careful with the number of new food lines I introduce. I am always happy to look into stocking new products that might be available, however I do have to consider whether I think enough customers will want to buy it!

Where and when can I find you?

All this information can be found on the Where to find us page, but essentially at Woodbridge Market and Framlingham Market!

I can’t get to the markets, how can I still use Cupboard Love for my refills?

I do offer a Click & Collect service within Woodbridge, so drop me an email or message via social media and we can work out the details. (I’m afraid I do not do deliveries outside of Woodbridge anymore)

How can I pay?

Cash or card is welcome, but my card reader can not take payments of less than 1 pound!

Do you sell Olive Oil?

No. This is something I have considered as I do get asked this quite often – I have just not found the best way to transport or dispense it yet! There is also the dreaded British winter weather (cold!) to consider with all liquids, but I may come back to it in the Spring – I will keep you posted!

How can I find out about anything new?

Follow Cupboard Love Home on Instagram and/or Facebook or sign up to the newsletter (I won’t bombard you with emails I promise!)


I hope this is useful.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch, or come and see me at the market, I’m always happy to chat!



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