This website is owned by Melanie Menhams (trading as Cupboard Love). I regard your privacy as important and any personal information you give on this site, or in the course of doing business in person or online, will be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

I don’t store personal information about individuals who visit this site or who buy things from my market stall except where they have provided contact information or made a purchase using their credit or debit card.

Any information you provide will only be used for the reasons specified and I will not share your information with any third party without your consent, unless required by law.

If you are an EU resident and would like to know whether any of your data is being held by me, you are entitled to request the following:

  • ·  If I hold any personal data about you and if yes, what information about you is being held;

  • ·  To have any inaccuracies in the data corrected;

  • ·  To have information erased.

  • ·  To object to direct marketing or to processing of your personal data;

  • ·  To restrict the processing of your information, including automated decision-making (i.e., a decision made solely by automated means without any human intervention) or profiling (i.e., automated processing of personal data to evaluate certain things about an individual); and

· Data portability (to have data provided in a machine readable and interoperable form to you or to have data sent to a third party at your request).

Any contact details I hold are kept securely and only accessible by me or by my employees as needed to do business with you.

What does this mean in practice?

I may have personal data about you that has been recorded in a few different ways, including but not limited to:
· You bought something from me using a payment card and I have a record of that transaction;

· We discussed something and swapped contact details to stay in touch about a particular topic;

  • ·  You contacted me using the contact form on the website;

  • ·  You signed up to my newsletter.

    I do not share this data with anyone, and you have the option to unsubscribe from the e-mail list at any time. I will erase any data I have about you if you request this (drop me an e-mail at:

There are many people who visit the shop and seem interested in knowing more about it, but don’t use social media like Facebook. Hence, I want to stay in touch with customers via the e-mail list to let people know weekly shop locations and share updates on new products, events, etc. This amounts to a monthly e-mail and, occasionally I may have something extra to share in between but this will be rare!

Website Cookies

I use website analytics to help me understand if anyone is visiting the website and what they are most interested in. I like to think that this will give me some insight into whether the blog posts I am writing are at all interesting to people, and help me to create helpful and informative content for the site to make it worth your while to visit it.

In order for this to work, the Internet has this thing called cookies.. A cookie is essentially a small file that is written in your web browser that says you were there (think of yourself as a dog, marking all over the Internet). If you don’t accept cookies, your mark isn’t left. If you do, it is, but it doesn’t contain personally identifying information such as your name or e-mail address. It may contain your IP address. You can delete cookies from your web browser at any time (check Google for how to do it for your specific browser).

My website will record statistics like how often you visit the site, which pages you visit, how long you look at them, etc.

Examples of some of the insights they may provide:




If people don’t visit more than once, my site may be a bit boring and perhaps I’m not doing a good job updating content on it

If certain posts get lots of visitors, I can write more like it on the basis that I would assume they get visits because they are interesting or helpful for people

If people look a lot more at the bathroom products than the kitchen products, maybe that’s the area I can be looking to improve in terms of stocking plastic-free things people need.

Because cookies are stored on your computer, you have control over them and you don’t need to request anything from me to delete them. As above, do a search online for how to erase cookies from your particular browser cache.

External Links

I may link to other websites in my blog posts, and I take no responsibility for the privacy policy of those websites.